Tiger Woods' kindergarten teacher Maureen Decker demands apology

tiger-hand-over-heart.jpg As previously reported, Tiger Woods' kindergarten teacher, Maureen Decker, came forward on Friday (April 2) in lawyer Gloria Allred's office to demand an apology from Tiger for things he said in a 2005 interview.

In the interview, Tiger stated that on his first day of kindergarten, he'd been tied to a tree, painted with a racial slur, and pelted with rocks. "The teacher really didn't do much of anything," Tiger said.

TMZ was on the scene for the statement, which was read aloud in a nap-time voice only a kindergarten teacher could perfect.

Decker says that Tiger's statements were false and that the stress from his accusations caused her to suffer from migraines, elevated blood pressure, and colitis. According to Decker, the media's increased focus on Tiger has caused speculation to resurface.