Tiger Woods' mistress Jaimee Grubbs arrested!

Jaimee-Grubbs_pg.jpgOne of Tiger Woods' alleged mistresses -- Jaimee Grubbs -- who has the honor of coming in second in the Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Contest -- was just arrested Wednesday night (Apr. 14) in West Hollywood.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ  that Grubbs was busted for two offenses -- there's a warrant out for her arrest for driving on a suspended license. And when Grubbs was stopped her license was still suspended. Ouch.

Bail for the outstanding warrant is $26,000. That's sure gonna eat up the $15,000 she won for the beauty contest.

But don't even think about texting Tiger for help, doll.

And let's hope she doesn't smile big -- Jaimee's reportedly missing a bicuspid or a molar--  for the booking photo camera. That would be such a double whammy.