Tiger Woods' mistress Jamie Jungers thinks apology's bull. No word from Jaimee Grubbs (Yet)

JAMIE-JUNGERS-PICTURES-thumb-325x546-3245.gifWell Tiger Woods hoped to come across  sincere in his nationally televised press conference Friday (Feb. 19), but one of his mistresses is calling his bluff.

Jamie Jungers (not to be confused with Tiger's other mistress Jaimee Grubbs) told E! News: "The apology is crap. He's making a sob story to make people for sorry for him. I don't feel sorry for him."

Jungers, like many of Woods' mistresses, claims to have had an intimate relationship with the world-famous golfer. She was not a happy camper when Woods implied he just had a bunch of one-night-stands.

Although Jungers can't be all that upset. Since the Las Vegas cocktail waitress and model came forward about her affair with Woods, she's been accused of cashing in left and right.