Tila Tequila goes on a blogging bender after Casey Johnnson's death

tila-tequila-casey-johnson.JPGConsidering the outpouring of blog posts and Tweets Tila Tequila has self-generated since her fiancee Casey Johnson's death on Monday (Jan. 4) you would think the two had been a couple for the ages, not little more than a month.

In a post on her blog Tila's Hot Spot Tila reveals that Casey wanted to take her (legal) last name, "Nguyen," once they married and then goes on a tirade against Casey's friends, Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips, who came to claim Casey's dogs after her death.

Tila believes that Nicky and Bijou want to euthanize the poodle and Yorkie so that they can be buried with Casey.