Tila Tequila hawks her ultrasound, Nadya Suleman sells birth video

The Dish Rag can't decide if Tila Tequila and Octomom Nadya Suleman are the blogosphere gifts that keep giving or the recurring nightmares that keep us up at night.

Anyway , Tila Tequila insists she's pregnant. Seriously. She even says so on her Twitter.

And if you'll pay some money for her ultrasound, you can have the exclusive.

What, a simple drug store pregnancy kit isn't good enough?

No word on who the father is -- if the father is -- but you can bet there are a lot of very nervous dudes in Hollywood right now.

You have to give the cute little attention vampire credit. Tila's certainly getting the jump on those other stars who wait until their kid is actually born to start making money off their photos.

Speaking of making money, Octomom Nadya Suleman celebrated her kids birthday by selling a video (a double-feaure) on Radaronline.com of the actual birth of her eight little ones.