Tina Fey in Vogue: Representin' normal

tina-fey-vogue.jpg Tina Fey, the creator/writer/star of "30 Rock" and serial collector of showbiz awards, is on the cover of the March Vogue, the "power issue." But she still insists she's just a normal woman.

"I feel like I represent normalcy in some way, she tells the magazine. "What are your choices today in entertainment? People either represent youth, power, or sexuality. And then there's me, carrying normalcy. [Pause] Me and Rachael Ray."

Vogue's story recounts some of the familiar milestones in Fey's career -- her rise at "Saturday Night Live" from writer to head writer/on-air performer and subsequent designation as the thinking man's sex symbol -- but she also talks a lot about the influence fashion and style have had on her life. A couple of highlights: