Tom Hanks is not being haunted by the ghost of Walt Disney

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tom-hanks-saving-mr-banks-access-hollywood-live.jpgOn "Access Hollywood Live," Tom Hanks, a.k.a. America's sweetheart: male edition (don't worry, Julia Roberts, you're still our No. 1 girl), stopped by to discuss his latest film, "Saving Mr. Banks," and shoot down some truly bizarre tabloid rumors about him that are going around.

Hanks plays Walt Disney -- yes, THE Walt Disney -- in the film, which he hopes you'll see and "get your money's worth -- make you laugh, make you cry," he tells hosts Billy Bush and Kit Hoover. He also tells the hosts about the fun Disney facts he learned while studying for the role (he loved Jello, canned chili, and creamed corn), and attempts to spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. He succeeds, ultimately, with a little help from Bush and Hoover.

And as for the rumors: Hanks shoots down the crazy story that he's being haunted by the ghost of Walt Disney, and teases the funniest headline he's ever read about himself (it's only funny with a few years' distance, though). Watch below:

Photo/Video credit: Access Hollywood Live