Tom Hanks poses with 'drunk' dude in hilarious viral photos

tom-hanks-viral-photo1.jpgTom Hanks is the living embodiment of awesome, and the Internet has the pictures to prove it.

The affable actor not only agreed to pose for photos with a fan -- a rarity in itself, especially for megastars like Hanks -- but he hammed it up by ridiculing the pretend fan.

In one shot, the fan slumps against the Oscar winner's shoulder, and in another the actor is pointing and cackling while the dude faceplants into his pizza.

tom-hanks-viral-photo2.jpgThe trio of photos, posted to Reddit Aug. 27 with the subject line "My friend met Tom Hanks, stole his glasses and pretended to be wasted," have quickly become a viral sensation. More than a million people have viewed the pictures, and hundreds more have posted admiring comments about Hanks.

tom-hanks-viral-photo3.jpgBest Facebook profile pictures ever?
Photo/Video credit: Reddit