Tom Hanks will hunt down the Pulitzer Prize committee to avenge The Onion

Tom Hanks is one of the funnier people we can think of -- so it's not that much of a surprise that he gets a kick out of The Onion.

No, he really gets a kick out of it.

The actor recorded a video plea on Americans for Fairness in Awarding Journalism Prizes (AFAJP, duh), where he expresses his extreme disappointment in the satirical paper never being recognized with a Pulitzer Prize in its two-decade history.

"If our Onion does not receive this year's P2, I will search you down, each and every one of you who is responsible for this grave injustice," he says. "The Pulitzer Prize committee, in fact, should be ashamed of making me feel this way."

We don't know why anyone would ever want to make Tom Hanks angry, but it's clearly a bad idea...

Photo/Video credit: AFAJP