Toni Braxton concert wardrobe malfunction reveals rear end - Watch

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Toni Braxton revealed a bit more than she bargained for when she wore a slinky blue dress on stage at a concert in New Brunswick, N.J. The glittery get-up slipped off her behind, revealing her backside -- much to the crowd's delight.

That didn't stop Braxton from performing though. She kept on singing, and went through a few sets before someone finally came and covered her with a suit jacket. When a backup singer tried and failed to repair the damaged dress, Braxton just took it off and covered up only with the jacket instead -- but not before flashing the audience.

Since Braxton is a true pro, she came on stage prepared for a wardrobe malfunction incident like this. Though her backside was bared, she was wearing a nude onesie underneath that covered up all of her important parts. Still, props to her for continuing on like a true champ.

Photo/Video credit: TMZ