Top 5 Kardashian-Jenner family holiday cards - which years made the cut?

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keeping-up-with-the-kardashians-2013-holiday-card.jpgThe "Keeping Up With the Kardashian" clan revealed their annual holiday card on Sunday night's (Dec. 1) Christmas special episode. It's pictured above -- and it is by far their weirdest one yet. It's like some post-apocalyptic movie theater street scene and Bruce Jenner is literally trapped in a plastic case next to a dummy wearing Olympic medals (far right). Yep.

But what are the best ones the "KUWTK" crew has taken over the years? Here are our picks, which tend to run towards the throwback moreso than the really fancy ones of recent years.

No. 5, circa roughly 1993

What do we love about this one? What's not to love. It's the early-to-mid-1990s, it's motorcycle-themed and Kim and Kourtney are so very obviously in their moody teen years and trying to look so serious. Hee.

kardashian-mid-1990s-christmas-card.jpg No. 4, 1995

You gotta have one year that includes Santa, right? In this one, Kim looks so sweet, Kendall is a teeny baby (she was literally a few weeks old when this was taken), Khloe almost looks like Drew Barrymore snuck into the picture and Kourtney is rocking the "Rachel" haircut, which is so awesomely 1995 we can hardly stand it.

1995-kardashian-holiday-card.jpg No. 3, 2006

This one is just so fun and casual -- it's beachy, it's really informal, the wind is blowing, everybody looks so happy. Things were all so simple the year before the reality show started airing on E!

2006-kardashian-holiday-card.jpg No. 2, 2010

The really formal ones aren't our favorites (as you can see), but out of all of them, this one takes the cake. Khloe and Lamar look amazing, Kourtney and Scott look amazing (Kourt, you can rock a black suit, girlfriend), everyone else is fabulous. It's a beautiful picture with gorgeous clothing. Plus, Mason is so adorable you could eat him right up.

2010-kardahsian-holiday-christmas-card.jpg No. 1, circa roughly 1989

A holiday card with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Santa Claus. 'Nuff said.


Photo/Video credit: Kardashians, via E!