'Top Chef: Texas': Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?

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padma-Lakshmi-top-chef-texas.jpgFirst of all, if you don't get that reference, we're taking away your Indy hat. This week on "Top Chef: Texas," the chef'testants have to tackle rattlesnake as a main ingredient. Shudder. In the first clip, host Padma Lakshmi shows her feisty side, saying, "I'd better see some mother f***ing snakes on some mother f***ing plates!" Wow! Padma. Potty mouth.

In the second clip, the chef'testants are baffled by the decision by one of their number to purchase pre-cooked shrimp in a cooking competition. Will this be the mistake that sends them home?

One thing is for sure. This show is never boring! Also, we're never eating snake, ever. "Top Chef: Texas" airs Wednesday, November 16th on Bravo.

Photo/Video credit: Bravo