Tori Spelling topless pic: Pregnancy 'boobs look better than ever'

tori-spelling-dean-mcdermot.jpg Tori Spelling recently had the internet abuzz when her husband Dean McDermott tweeted a picture of their son Liam - that showed Spelling's bare breasts in the background. The couple is now speaking out about the incident on CNN and apparently are in good humor about it.

"It was a complete accident obviously. I took a picture [of Liam] and I sent it and I did not see [that] in the background," says McDermott.

Tori says that initially, she was "shocked" and "devastated," but it's also like, "What can you do?"

"I am a mom, I was nursing my baby," says Tori. "[Dean] was so devastated about it that I couldn't be mad. I mean it was genuinely an accident."

And she adds, "If you are ever going to have someone tweet a picture of your boobs, I would rather it happen now than any other time because when you are nursing, your boobs look better than ever, bold [and] beautiful."

We're glad to see she's taking it all in stride.

The sixth season of "Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood" debuted Tuesday night (Nov. 29) on Oxygen.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images