Trey Songz performs for Angels With Heart Foundation in New York City

trey-songz-gi-small.jpgYou knew Trey Songz could make magic with his voice, but did you know that his true passion lies with his charitable efforts?

The singer performed at an NYC Benefit on Friday night, sponsored by the Hot 97 radio station, for the Angels With Heart Foundation. Songz launched the Foundation that night. Angels With Heart is particularly focused on helping underprivileged children and at-risk youth, with special attention given to encouraging successful artists and actors to donate their time and resources to brightening up the kids' days.

"This is something bigger than myself," Songz said at the event. "I realized I have the power to impact lives, and it's time to send that love back into the world. Every dollar from tonight's show will go to my foundation."

He performed songs like "Love Faces," "Good Feelings," "One in a Million," and "Invented Sex." The final song of the evening was an emotional rendition of "Top of the World."

Songz sang the last song with angel wings draped over his shoulders, thanks to his mom, who joined him on stage to assist with the costume update. "I get to see people all around the world who love my music, but don't have shoes to wear," he said, urging the audience to clap for his mother. "Give it up for the woman who made this possible. Y'all have no idea what I've been through."

Watch part of the concert below -- but beware of harsh language.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images