'Trophy Wife's' Natalie Morales on nudity, Chris Pratt in leather and more

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natalie-morales-trophy-wife.jpgIn honor of getting "mostly naked" on ABC Tuesday, Oct. 15 for new comedy "Trophy Wife," actress Natalie Morales -- not to be confused with the "Today" anchor of the same name -- did a Reddit Ask Me Anything Monday night.

Here are some highlights:

Morales says of "Trophy Wife": "I think you should really give this show a chance. It just keeps getting better and better. The episode tomorrow -- I almost choked laughing at some of the lines when I read the script."  And don't forget -- she gets naked.

Q: I remember you saying on twitter that you'd love to guest star on 'The Americans' when they get into the Cuban side of things. As much as I want this new show to work out (I do) how much does it complicate things if you were asked to guest on the Americans? I think you'd be great in it. In a perfect world, hopefully both things happen.

Morales: "Thanks! It shouldn't complicate things much. When you are contracted as a 'regular' on a show, there are clauses where you are allowed to do a certain number of guest star appearances. So, yeah. 'Americans'. Call me."

Q: "What was your favorite behind the scenes moment on 'Parks and Recreation'?"

Morales: "I took this great picture that I should frame some day of Chris Pratt in an all leather motorcycle get up posing super fierce with a goat."

Q: "Think you could take the Today Show Natalie Morales in a cage fight? If so, what would your strategy be?"

Morales: "Dude! have you seen that woman? She like, swims and stuff. And she runs marathons. She would whoop me."

Q: "Any chance we'll see you on 'Parks and Rec' and/or 'The Newsroom' again?"

Morales: "I would very much like that. Who knows?"

Q: "Pick one TV show from the 70s that you wish you could star in."

Morales: "'Taxi', HANDS DOWN."
Photo/Video credit: ABC