'True Blood': All of Jason Stackhouse's girlfriends ranked from best to worst

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true-blood-season-7-ryan-kwanten-jason-stackhouse-hbo.jpgWhen it comes to Jason Stackhouse's sexual prowess, there's definitely more to love. But Sookie Stackhouse's younger brother has a bad habit of falling for the ladies who are nothing but bad for him.

In honor of the seventh and final season of "True Blood," Zap2it decided to take a look back at the many women in Jason's love life. Our list is ranked from the best to worst, but feel free to share your own favorites in the comments section below.


Jessica Hamby

Though Jason and Jessica's relationship was fated to not work out, these two love birds were such a pleasure to watch together. Jessica was the first woman who Jason ever truly fell for, and he was (surprisingly) a more mature choice for her than Hoyt. If we could pick one lady for Jason to spend eternity with, it would be Jessica.

Amy Burley

Before Jessica, Amy Burley was the best choice for Jason. Yes, she was a V-addict, but she also was smart and spirited and wanted to help others. Maybe we're biased by the fact that she was played by Lizzy Caplan, but seriously, Amy was amazing. She definitely was the best of all the Merlotte's waitresses Jason slept with.


Jason's current love interest also is surprisingly one of his best. Though she's a dominating vampire who won't have sex with him, she also is strong, smart and not one to be toyed with the way Jason typically toys with women. We just wish she would relax a little.

Dawn Green

Dawn was the first of Jason's (ex-)girlfriends audiences met on "True Blood," and it was pretty clear why they broke up. Though she was a great girl and the pair had some hot sex together, these two had too much history together and just weren't right for one another.

Sarah Newlin

Anna Camp, oh how we love you. Sarah Newlin? Not so much. Played by anyone other than Camp, Sarah would have ranked far lower on this list. But the Jason/Sarah chemistry is fun despite how bad the two characters are for one another, which is why we're happy the relationship was revisited in Season 6.

Maudette Pickens

Was Maudette just a hookup or a longtime fling? Regardless, she was not good for Jason. She videotaped their last tryst, which caused Jason to be framed for her murder. Of course, that's not the most trouble he's gotten himself into over a lady ...

Crystal Norris

The best example of Jason's misguided romantic endeavors is Crystal Norris. While he at first is captivated by her beauty and wants to save her from her bad life in Hot Shot, she eventually goes crazy and kidnaps him, ties him to a bed and has the were-panthers in Hot Shot repeatedly rape him. Crystal Norris, we don't miss you.

Miss Steeler

But truly the worst woman Jason ever had a relationship with was Miss Steeler, his teacher from high school. It's suggested that she's the one who got him on his sexual path, though he was underage at the time. Jill Steeler only appears in one episode in Season 5, but the entire storyline explains a lot of why Jason is such a mess about women. It's a heartbreaking revelation for a character many fans have come to love.


"True Blood" premieres Sunday, June 22 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.
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