'True Blood' Joe Manganiello engaged to Audra Marie after six month chase

joe--audra-marie.jpgAfter a merry wolf chase, "True Blood" werewolf Joe Manganiello has finally caught his prey.

According to People, the fierce actor asked his girlfriend of one year -- Audra Marie -- to marry him while they were on a romantic vacation in Italy.  She said yes. No ring details or wedding date yet.

They met at on the way to a Superbowl party in 2009. And apparently, the secret to trapping this wolf was to make him chase her for a considerable length of time. According to Joe, she refused to go out with him for six months.

Six months? I'd love to know how she managed to keep this wolf at bay for that long.  I practically fainted when I first met him up close a few months ago. And so did the male reporter next to me.

So who is this woman who so quickly captured the heart of our favorite hunky werewolf? No offense, Taylor Lautner. Joe's just more age-appropriate.