'True Blood' Kate Middleton actress Camilla Luddington to play Claudette the fairy

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Camilla Luddington.jpgWe've got brand new "True Blood" casting news for you! Camilla Luddington who played the newest royal Kate Middleton in the Lifetime movie "William & Kate" will play the fairy Claudette, one of Claude's (Giles Matthey) many sisters.

The actress also played Lizzie on "Californication." As Claudette, she'll be giving Sookie (Anna Paquin) advice on what it means to be a fairy. She certainly needs it. She's running around with all that delicious fairy blood. She's a vampire magnet.

"True Blood" is currently in production on Season 5 and premieres this summer on HBO. Are you guys excited about the new season? Fairies were a bit maligned last season, so we're dying to hear your thoughts.
Photo/Video credit: IMDB