'True Blood' Season 5: Christopher Meloni and Scott Foley -- new HBO cast member pictures

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true-blood-season-5-christopher-meloni-hbo "True Blood" Season 5 premieres on HBO on June 10, and we've got photos of the brand new cast members. There are a lot of them! (Check out our Zap2it "True Blood" Season 5 gallery.) We've got Christopher Heyerdahl playing vampire Dieter Brown, Christopher Meloni playing one named Roman. Lucy Griffiths will play Nora, Eric's ( Alexander Skarsgard) vampire sister, the nine-year-old vampire (at least that's when he was turned) named Alexander Drew ( Jacob Hopkins).

We've also got part of the Vampire Authority, Rosalyn Harris ( Carolyn Hennesy) an African vampire named Kibwe ( Peter Mensah) and the mysterious Salome ( Valentina Cervis). On the fairy side, we have Claudette, played by Camilla Luddington. The lone human? Patrick, Terry's ( Todd Lowe) old war buddy, played by Scott Foley.

Are you guys excited for Season 5? Are you nervous about the fairies? Can't wait to see Christopher Meloni naked? Let us know your thoughts and check out the official photos below. June 10 can't come fast enough.

true-blood-season-5-scott-foley-hboScott Foley as Patrick.

true-blood-season-5-valentina-cervi-hboValentina Cervis as Salome.

true-blood-season-5-jacob-hopkins-hboJacob Hopkins as Andrew Drew.

true-blood-season-5-christopher-heyerdahl-hboChristopher Heyerdahl as Dieter Brown.

true-blood-season-5-carolyn-hennesy-hboCarolyn Hennesy as Rosalyn Harris.

true-blood-season-5-peter-mensah-hboPeter Mensah as Kibwe.
Lucy Griffiths as Nora.

Photo/Video credit: HBO