'True Blood' Season 5 poster: Don't cry

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Behold the cheeky and very effective teaser poster for Season 5 of "True Blood":

true-blood-season-5-poster.jpgIt's a simple design seen on countless movie posters -- the close-up of part of a person's face with one eye as the centerpiece. What makes this one stand out is the blood-red tear running down the face and the short, sweet tagline: "Don't cry. It's back." It also plays into the show's "Waiting sucks" teaser campaign.

The only thing missing is the actual premiere date: "True Blood" returns to HBO Sunday, June 10.

Season 5 will bring us "re-vamped" fairies, Sookie ( Anna Paquin) digging a grave and the return of the vampire king of Louisiana ( Denis O'Hare), among what we're sure is a whole lot of other madness. For now, though, what do you think of the poster?
Photo/Video credit: HBO