'True Blood' sneak peek: Bill and Eric discover the new neighbors are witchy

There are a few surprises in HBO's latest sneak peek from Season 4 of "True Blood."

As we already know, witches are the supernatural du jour of the season, but in the clip we see Bill ( Stephen Moyer) and Eric ( Alexander Skarsgard) assess the threat of a new coven that is creating havoc in Bon Temps. And Eric seems to have some firsthand knowledge of their capabilities.

First surprise is that we discover that Eric still has his memories in part of Season 4, but we know that doesn't last long. Does Eric get too close to the witches? Skarsgard has said that his impending bout with amnesia arises after he messes with the wrong people. So, we'd have to assume the answer is yes.

Watch the sneak peek below:

We're excited to see what the witches are up to! Aren't you?
Photo/Video credit: HBO