'True Blood's' Alexander Skarsgard sucks up to Stephen Moyer in 'Battle of the Fang'

"True Blood" star Stephen Moyer narrowly beat down costar Alexander Skarsgard in "The Battle of the Fang." And, Moyer recently doled out his costar's punishment. The competition pitted his fans against Skarsgard's to see who can raise more money for their respective charities. 

According to "True Blood's Nest" blog, Moyer took the competition with $35,043 for the Gulf Relief Foundation. Just a little more than $800 kept Skarsgard from the win. His fans donated $34,223 to his charity, SOS Children's Villages.

As the winner, Moyer had Skarsgard wear a t-shirt with the words "Bill's B***h" splashed across it. And Moyer sported a shirt of his own choosing that read, "I like my b***hes blonde." We're not sure if that's a reference to wife and costar, Anna Paquin, or Skarsgard? Both work for us.

The charity competition was jointly organized by True Blood's Nest and fan site, alexskarsgard.net.

Suck it up Skarsgard, it was for a good cause.
Photo/Video credit: True Blood's Nest, alexskarsgard.net