'Trust Me, I'm a Game Show Host': D.L. Hughley, Michael Ian Black dress to impress while lying to contestants

Game show hosts often feel like TV's version of used-car salesmen. They're expected to be overly chummy, and their wardrobes are never quite as nice as those of network news anchors or actors.

TBS' "Trust Me, I'm a Game Show Host," premiering Tuesday, Oct. 22, plays with that vibe and makes a fun show out of it. Hosts D.L. Hughley and Michael Ian Black each tell a contestant lies and try to persuade the player to side with him.

The hosts ad-lib much of the show, and it's funnier than a lot of sitcoms, never mind game shows. Besides the more relaxed atmosphere, the comedians also dress a little differently from most game show hosts.

"We spent a fair amount of time of going through clothes and picking clothes that would work for me and not step on what D.L. was wearing," Black tells Zap2it.

Though the outfits were selected for the comedians, Hughley says he genuinely liked the clothes, including the crisp white slacks paired with the black blazer with white piping.

Hughley, a sharp dresser, says, "I like to look like I am going to work. I like the idea of the entertainers I grew up watching. There was a line of demarcation. If you look like you are walking in, it's not as interesting as if you are there to perform a service."

He hearkens back to the men of the Rat Pack for that sharpness.

"There was a delivery system," Hughley says. "That is what style is. If I am going to hang out, I look like I am going to hang out. If I am going to dinner, I look like I am going out to dinner."

"I know that I like British style, tight suits that fit well and are postmodern and classic at the same time," Black says. There was some debate over whether he should go without a tie. "We wanted to present a more slightly contemporary look," Black says. "I wanted to look like (former Iranian) President Ahmadinejad."

Hughley spices up a dark suit with a lavender shirt and bow tie, which he volunteers he knows how to tie. He was headed to a function and needed it done, though he was unsure of how, so Hughley did what everyone does to find the answer for everything - he Googled it.

He wears a beaded bracelet of icons, which he changes depending on which saint corresponds with what he is doing.

"I was not in favor of mismatched ­-- the blazer and different-colored pants," Black says. "I was talked into it by the wardrobe department. I am a little conservative in my dress. I think I was afraid of looking like I belonged in a country club, I didn't want to look moneyed, and I didn't want to look like a snob or like Thurston Howell. I thought it looked really nice."
Photo/Video credit: TBS