TV March Madness: 'Arrested Development' vs. 'Friends' in Off-Air Comedy Elite Eight

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tv-mm-eight.jpgWe're down to the Elite Eight shows in Zap2it's TV March Madness tournament. In the Off-Air Comedy region, the last two comedies doing battle are "Arrested Development" vs. "Friends." It's the only region where the top two seeds made it to the finals. But which one will come out on top?

Don't forget to cast your votes in the other regions - "Community" vs. "How I Met Your Mother" in On-Air Comedies, "Fringe" vs. "Castle" in On-Air Dramas and "West Wing" vs. "Buffy" in Off-Air Dramas.

Which shows will make our Final Four? May the best shows win. Voting below!

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