TV March Madness: 'Friday Night Lights' vs. 'Veronica Mars' and more in Off-Air Drama Round of 64

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tv-round-1-small.jpgIt's that time of year - March Madness. And just like the NCAA is kicking off the Big Dance, Zap2it is kicking off our own version of March Madness - for television shows. Instead of directional regions, we're pitting 16 on-air comedies, 16 on-air dramas, 16 off-air comedies and 16 off-air dramas against each other to see which show is crowned the ultimate champion.

The play-in games are over and the match-ups are set - click on the picture above of the bracket to see the full field of 64 teams. The "Friday Night Lights" vs. "Veronica Mars" match-up is like our Sophie's choice, but we'll muddle through.

Vote now in the poll below for the Off-Air Comedies. The polls are open through Sunday night, March 18, so if your show isn't winning, rally your friends to see if you can stage a comeback.

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Photo/Video credit: ABC