'Twilight' actor Kiowa Gordon gets 'revenge porn' site taken down

kiowa-gordon-breaking-dawn-twilight "Twilight" actor Kiowa Gordon (Embry) can rest easy. There are no longer naked pictures of him on the Internet. He may even have saved others from the same fate. There were shots of him grabbing his genitals on IsAnyoneUp.com, which is known as a "revenge" porn site. Users could post naked pictures of anyone

According to TMZ, Gordon's lawyer sent a cease and desist letter to the site. By the next day, the the site was purchased by an anti-bullying website called BullyVille. Quite a difference.

No one knows if the actor's letter had anything to do with the change, but it seems that all those naked pictures that actors seem to love to take of themselves (or have others do it) are safe for the time being. At least until the next hacker. Seriously, celebrities. Put the phone down.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images