'Twilight: Breaking Dawn' wedding reveal: 3 tantalizing pictures before the MTV Movie Awards

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It might not be nearly as exciting as those illegal glimpses of the honeymoon, but Edward ( Robert Pattinson) and Bella's ( Kristen Stewart) wedding scene is going to be one the biggest moments in the upcoming first installment of the "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn" two-parter.

And you'll apparently get to see some of it if you tune into the 2011 MTV Movie Awards on June 5. The network released a new promo for the show, teasing a clip of the wedding scene with three key elements...

1. The image, above, of Edward waiting on the flower-dappled knoll in a tux -- with tails!

breaking-dawn-wedding-2.jpg2. A partial shot of Bella's dress, with her hand presumably wrapped around Charlie's arm, flashing that nice engagement ring.

breaking-dawn-wedding-3.jpg3. A modest veil, clipped to her partially braided hair with some rock encrusted comb.

We can't imagine Summit is going to want to give much more away this many months before, but we're probably going to want to see for ourselves.

Photo/Video credit: MTV