'Twilight: Eclipse' breaks midnight opening box office record

eclipse-premiere.jpg"Twilight: Eclipse" is being herald by critics as the best "Twilight Saga" movie yet -- and so far, the box office numbers reflect the same.

In its midnight release June 30, "Eclipse" grossed over $30 million on its 4000+ screens, which surpasses "Twilight: New Moon's" previous highwater mark of $26.2 million. It also beat the previous IMAX benchmark set by "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" -- "Eclipse" took in over $1 million at IMAX theaters to "Transformers's" $959,000.

However, according to Box Office Mojo, "Eclipse" is not likely to, ahem, eclipse "New Moon's" opening weekend total of $142.8 million due to factors like a more competitive weekend movie market and burning off demand via Wednesday and Thursday screenings.

But who knows -- it still could top "New Moon." We won't know "Eclipse's" final weekend numbers until Tuesday, July 6. Zap2it's own Rick Porter thinks it could top $200 million by then.

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Photo credit: Getty