'Twilight: Eclipse' pictures: Edward and Bella in bed (UPDATED)

stewart-pattinson-new-moon.jpg[ UPDATE: Summit has asked that the pictures decribed in this post be taken down, as they were leaked without permission (the photo above is from "New Moon"). The original text of the story is below, minus a link to a gallery of the leaked pictures, which we've also taken down for the time being.]

A new set of "Twilight's Eclipse" pictures have leaked onto the Internet that show things are really heating up between Edward and Bella.

The picture above is part of the same scene from the official first pic Summit released in December. It looks like Bella (Kristen Stewart) is very happy to get Edward (Robert Pattinson) back after he was gone, physically at least, for much of "New Moon."

In this next scene, Bella can't seem to keep her hands off Edward as they lie in bed together.