'Twilight: Eclipse's' Billy Burke on sex talk with Kristen Stewart

k-stew-billy-burke.jpgBilly Burke may not be flashing his abs or delivering smoldering gazes in "Twilight: Eclipse," but he is quite the scene stealer. We love when his character, Charlie, tries to bust up a fight between Jacob ( Taylor Lautner) and Edward ( Robert Pattinson).

"Charlie steps in all tough, with no idea that these two kids could just completely waste him," Burke tells Zap2it, laughing. "From the outset we kind of found levity in Charlie. Catherine Hardwick, the director of the first film, realized that Charlie is the only real connection to reality in the film. With that, there has to be some comedy.

And some awkwardness. "I love the dynamic between Charlie and Bella. Kristen [Stewart] and I try to keep it really organic. We go into it with no overthought or preconception," Burke says. "That scene between us in the kitchen, with that awkward talk about protection and sex is my favorite in this movie. It's a nice departure to just have a very real moment like that, and Kristen played it brilliantly."