'Twilight' novella resurrects 'Eclipse' vampire Bree

twilight-novella-bree-tanner-250.jpgTwihards, the "Twilight" universe continues.

Author Stephenie Meyer has written "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella," which will released on June 5th, reports USA Today.

Warning: Spoilers from "Eclipse" are lurking below!

Bree is a "newborn" vampire who appears briefly in "Eclipse," and then dies ten pages later, hence the "short second life." You could say the 192-page novella is giving her a third life. There's something rather tragic about how Meyer introduced this character to readers and then killed her off almost immediately.

The novella will follow Bree for the week before she dies, as part of the army of newborn vamps Victoria created to take down the Cullens and Bella.