'Twilight' Robert Pattinson body pillow: Dreamy or nightmarish?

twilight-robert-pattinson-body-pillow.jpgWe're of two minds here at Zap2it when it comes to the latest "Twilight" fan-created paraphernalia.

The "Manllow," or body pillow shaped like a person, is a bit disturbing even if it's shaped like Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner. We can't shake the image of waking up one night with Pillow Edward trying strangle us with those breathable cotton jersey arms.

On the plus side, this pillow is the closest any fan would realistically get to having their very own Edward or Jacob. Who wants a real Edward anyway? The vampires described in the "Twilight" books have hard, cold flesh like marble. Not good for cuddling, unlike these Etsy creations.

The point is moot though. Sadly, as of Feb. 15, Etsy has sold out of these limited edition pillows. Maybe they'll be back by popular demand if you contact the seller's info.