'Twilight' wedding gets custom-designed invites more worthy of the series

twilight-invitation-custom.jpgWere you not terribly enchanted by the very plain invitation to Edward and Bella's wedding seen briefly in a "Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1" trailer? You were not alone.

Letterpress artists Chantal Bennett and Joel Kimmel were not impressed either and decided to create their own, reports Leader Post. Chantal says of the invites from the trailer, "It's just really, really boring. Very underwhelming - the kind of invitation you'd pick up at Michael's or Staples and print it out yourself."

"We figured, wouldn't it be funny if we basically treated it more like a collectible art item for the fans, an actual wedding invitation for Bella and Edwards - something that the fans would like," Bennett continues. "Naturally, all the Twilight merchandise they buy has one of the two [lovers'] faces on it."

Chantal and Joel, a couple who run their own Papillon Press studio out of Sudbury, Ontario, admit they've never read the "Twilight" books. They've only seen the movies, calling them "amazingly angsty and hilarious."

If you'd like to own your very own custom-designed Edward and Bella wedding invitation - well, they are no longer for sale! But perhaps Chantal and Joel will re-offer them at their Etsy store.


Photo/Video credit: Papillion Press, Summit Entertainment