'Twilight's' Kristen Stewart is going 'On the Road'

kristen-stewart-met-gi-large.jpg Kristen Stewart has already starred in the "Twilight" series, so why not another famous American written work?

The young actress has landed a role in "On the Road," an adaptation of Jack Kerouac's classic novel based on his life, reports USA Today.

"I am very much attached to a movie that has been trying to get made forever," she told the paper. "Not that this is going to help it, but maybe I can just brag a little bit. I am super excited about it, too. I am about to play Marylou in 'On the Road.' So that's a big deal."

Our K-Stew may only be 20, but she's very erudite and well read. Her favorite books are John Steinbeck's "East of Eden" and Albert Camus' "The Stranger." We're sure "Breaking Dawn" is at No. 3 ... or at least in the Top 10.