'Twilight's' Taylor Lautner gets third franchise -- 'Stretch Armstrong'

taylor-lautner-gi-haiti.jpgHe's not quite 18 years old and yet Taylor Lautner just landed his third major film franchise. First there was the "Twilight" saga, then the "Max Steel" movies and now he has been cast as "Stretch Armstrong."

What's next? Remaking "Harry Potter" with a be-spectacled Taylor? Maybe a "Star Wars" reboot with Taylor as Luke Skywalker? Wait, we know! Taylor Lautner IS "The Godfather."

According to Deadline, Universal is "giving Stretch superhero powers in the new 3D franchise that is scheduled for release in 2012."

Thank God they're giving him super powers. As we recall, Stretch Armstrong was originally just a weird '70s toy that stretched. Inevitably, we cut the limbs off ours to see what was inside.

What? We gave our Barbies haircuts too.