'Twilight's' Taylor Lautner has no big birthday party plans

Access Hollywood's Shaun Robinson was one of the lucky broadcast journalists at the "Valentines Day" premiere to get to talk with  Taylor Lautner.

And one of the first things she asked was what he has planned for his big 1-8 b-day on Thursday, Feb. 11.

"Absolutely nothing really," Taylor told Access on Monday, Feb 8. 

"I mean, I'll spend time with family and friends... I don't like to do anything huge, but it is 18, so, it's kind of a big one I guess."

You guess right. Now you can do lucrative Calvin Klein underwear ads!

Taylor did say that it was "a bummer" that Taylor Swift couldn't make the premiere

"I believe she's overseas touring. It's a bummer she couldn't make it [to the premiere], but I'm sure everyone will enjoy watching her," Taylor carefully told Access.