Twitter vs Instagram: Filter your photos as you tweet them without Instagram's help

zap2it-instagram.jpgInstagram is far and away the most popular photo-sharing app, allowing iPhone and Android users to quickly alter their photos and upload them to a feed, to share with friends, Tweet, or add to Facebook.

Now, though, Twitter is attempting to cut out the middle-man. On Friday, The New York Times learned that Twitter will introduce new built-in photo filters to their mobile applications, so that Twitter users can bypass Instagram entirely.

They're particularly targeting "VITs" -- very important tweeters -- with this new option. "According to one Twitter employee, the company's V.I.T.'s, or Very Important Tweeters, as they are known internally, usually celebrities and media personalities, would be especially happy to see filters in the Twitter mobile apps. Most V.I.T.'s now use Instagram to take photos, and then share them on Twitter, where they often have a larger following," says the Times.

Apparently, Twitter's photo-filter introduction is a direct response to Facebook's acquisition of Instagram. Instagram users are still able to share their photos on Twitter via links and app integration.