'Two and a Half Men': CBS head says show could last 'for many, many years'

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les-moonves-gi-320.jpg Charlie Sheen has made his opinion known about getting bounced from " Two and a Half Men." Chuck Lorre has said his piece too. Now CBS chief Les Moonves weighs in the matter than nearly killed the hit comedy.

"S*** happens," Moonves says during Hollywood Radio and Television Society's luncheon on Thursday (Nov. 17). "I'm glad that it's a chapter that's closed. It just wasn't fun. It's no good when there's rancor; it's no good when you have lawyers involved in a TV show."

The Wrap notes that Moonves then touted the show, calling attention to how well it's performed with the addition of Ashton Kutcher.

Moonves says, "This show could last with the current numbers it has for many, many years."

The CBS head did express disappointment with Kutcher's recent comments about the sex scandal at Penn State. It is here that Kutcher chided the university for firing football coach Joe Paterno without realizing that JoePa was possibly involved in covering up child sex abuse. Kutcher has since apologized for these comments.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images