'Two and a Half Men': EP Chuck Lorre rips Catholic church on show

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lorre-tca-getty.jpg "Two and a Half Men" EP Chuck Lorre isn't one to hold back on his thoughts. Just ask Charlie Sheen when he so eloquently trashed him a year ago. But now Lorre has a much larger target, the Catholic church.

In the title card that followed "Two and a Half Men" on Monday (Feb. 20) Lorre explains he doesn't use Facebook and Twitter because "What good could possibly come from me having a convenient outlet to express myself to millions of people?" This is a clever quip because "Men" gets more than 13 million viewers per week.

His then hits at the Catholic hospitals who are resisting President Obama's plans to mandate free coverage of birth control as part of their healthcare plans.

"If I were to feel moral outrage over an organization riddled with pedophiles expressing their moral outrage over contraception, I certainly wouldn't tweet about it," Lorre writes.

Now how long will it be until the right-wing blogosphere strikes back?
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images