'Two and a Half Men': 'Royal Pains' actress Brooke D'Orsay will romance Walden

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brooke-dorsay-two-and-a-half-men-gi.jpgWalden is getting a new girlfriend on "Two and a Half Men": The show has signed "Royal Pains" co-star Brooke D'Orsay to a guest role.

D'Orsay will play Kate, an employee at a big-box store who catches Walden's ( Ashton Kutcher) eye, EW reports. And why is the very wealthy Walden shopping at a discount store? He's hoping to come off as an everyman so women will like him for who he is, not just his money.

The role has a chance to become a recurring part.

D'Orsay has appeared on "Two and a Half Men" before, guesting in a 2007 episode as a much younger girlfriend of Charlie's ( Charlie Sheen). Her character this time around is not connected to that episode.

Aside from USA's "Royal Pains," where she has a semi-regular role as Paige Collins, D'Orsay has had recurring parts on "Drop Dead Diva" and "Gary Unmarried."
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