'Two and a Half Men' Season 10 pics: Michael Bolton and 'True Blood's' Brit Morgan drink with Walden

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michael-bolton-2-and-a-half-men-s10.jpg "Two and a Half Men" will open its 10th season, and second of the Ashton Kutcher era, with Walden (Kutcher) getting good and drunk.

That's the impression we get from some of the photos CBS has posted of the episode. The story has Walden planning a big night for his girlfriend Zoey's ( Sophie Winkleman) birthday. But we're guessing things go awry -- so much so that Michael Bolton, playing himself, has to bring a sloshed Walden home to Alan ( Jon Cryer).

It's a guest star-heavy episode that also features the returns of Mimi Rogers (seen below with Winkleman) as Walden's mom and Judy Greer as his ex-wife.

mimi-rogers-sophie-winkleman-2-and-a-half-men-s10.jpg Brit Morgan ("True Blood") also guests as a woman Walden meets at a bar, to Alan's continuing chagrin.

brit-morgan-2-and-a-half-men-s10.jpgAnd yes, the show is following through on Jake's ( Angus T. Jones) decision to join the Army at the end of last season. So expect a lot of him Skyping with Alan over the course of the season.

angus-jones-2-and-a-half-men-s10.jpg"Two and a Half Men" premieres in its new timeslot, 8:30 p.m. ET Thursdays, on Sept. 27. 
Photo/Video credit: CBS