'Two and a Half Men' Season 11 finale: Weddings, 'that's what she said' jokes and a robot

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"Two and a Half Men" ended Season 11 with a wedding, a couple of disasters, many "that's what she said" jokes and a robot. But when "Oh WALD-E, Good Times Ahead" was over, everything was pretty much the way it has always been.

Except that Jake is now a robot.

The episode did include Alan's wedding to Gretchen -- despite all of the lies to Larry, the two crazy kids decided to go for it. Unfortunately for Alan, Gretchen's ex-husband showed up at the last minute and apologized for a laundry list of country music-inspired failings.

As Alan's ex, Lyndsey, face-planted in the wedding cake, Gretchen left Alan at the altar.

Fortunately, Alan always has Walden there to take the place of any silly woman-type. And now Walden has a pet robot, referred to as both WALD-E and Jake throughout the episode. He's the new half man. Is that what a robot amounts to?

According to "Two and a Half Men," this is indeed the case. At least until Season 12 begins.

Photo/Video credit: CBS