'Two and a Half Men' sneak peek: Fists are flying

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taahm-feb27-cbs-3.jpgWhen Patton Oswalt joins "Two and a Half Men" on Monday (Feb. 27), it looks like fists will be flying. And the target of his anger is Walden Schmidt ( Ashton Kutcher).

Oswalt is cast to play Schmidt's former business partner. One of the show's writers characterized the relationship as Oswalt playing "the [Steve] Wozniak to Walden's [Steve] Jobs." But it seems that the computer entrepreneurs may have had a little falling out. We're guessing that Schmidt ended up with all the money and Oswalt's character ended up holding the bag.

Lucky for everyone involved, Alan ( Jon Cryer) is there to maintain the peace, or at least as much as he can.

Oswalt's episode airs on Feb. 27 at 9 p.m. ET.

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Photo/Video credit: CBS