'Two and a Half Men': Walden Schmidt unveils home of the future

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taahm-new-livingroom-cbs.jpgNow that Walden Schmidt ( Ashton Kutcher) is officially a home owner on "Two and a Half Men," it was just a matter of time until he gave the Malibu beach house a makeover.

Well, Schmidt unveiled the new look on Monday (Nov. 14), and the pad has a decidedly tech flavor. In keeping with the tech billionaire's interests, the home has voice-recognition software connected to everything from the light switches to the stereo to the refrigerator. Of course there's a bit of a rub as it's only calibrated to his voice, so Alan's ( Jon Cryer) going to have a little trouble with it. And God knows what Jake ( Angus T. Jones) will do when he can't figure out the toaster.

The highlight of the new place is the gigantic TV set that probably has an 80-inch screen or more. Plus there's the three couch pillows of "CTRL," "ALT" and "DELETE." Once a tech nerd, always a tech nerd.

Here are some more photos of the new place. So Zappers, which design do you like better - Charlie's or Walden's?

taahm-new-kitchen-cbs.jpg And here's the lovely kitchen

taahm-new-kitchen-1-cbs.jpg And here's more of the lovely kitchen

taahm-tvroom-cbs.jpg And here's where the magic happens, the TV room.

Photo/Video credit: CBS