UFC's Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier trade vulgar insults after ESPN interview

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After getting into a scuffle during the media day for "UFC 178," light heavyweight fighters Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier appeared on ESPN's "SportsCenter" Wednesday (Aug. 6) to apologize. It was anything but a pleasant segment, as the two of them continued to trade insults with each other.

It turns out the real drama happened off-air, though. A video has leaked of the two fighters after the segment, trading vulgar barbs and threats. It can be viewed at MMA Junkie. At one point, Cormier tells Jones, "I wish they would let me next door so I can spit in your f***ing face." He replies, "You know I would absolutely kill you if you ever did something like that, right?"

Jones and Cormier are scheduled to fight for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship at "UFC 178" on Sept. 27. It will be the first time the two have competed against each other.
Photo/Video credit: ESPN