Uh-oh. Will Lindsay lose her access to designer fashion?


Everyone's wondering what effect Lindsay Lohan's latest legal mess will have on her acting career. Suffice to say, it can't be good. But far more frightening: What will it do to her designer wardrobe? Will any A-list designers deign to dress her for the 2007-08 award season carpets?

In 2006, she was Karl Lagerfeld's arm candy at the prestigious Council of Fashion Designers of America gala, often referred to as the Oscars of the fashion world. They even sat at the head table with Vogue editrix Anna Wintour.

Earlier this year, Herr Karl invited the troubled starlet to see his Chanel cruise-collection show staged in a Santa Monica airport hangar. After the show, Lindsay slipped backstage and picked out scads of Chanel swag (bracelets, jewelry, gloves).

But not every designer liked Lindsay, even before she severely tarnished her image. In a 2005 New Yorker profile of Valentino, written by Michael Specter, the Italian designer was openly relieved that she would not be at his Paris show.  When Valentino heard from his longtime spokesman Carlos de Souza that Lindsay's stylist had called to say the actress was declining the invitation, Valentino whispered, "Thank God. She makes me so uncomfortable."

And Big V isn't crazy about that jailbird Paris Hilton either.