U.K. court insists on 'Glee' name change

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glee-uk-name-change.jpg "Glee" might need to make a big change in the U.K.

Britain's high court ruled Friday (July 18) 20th Century Fox must rename the musical show, since it breaches the trademark of The Glee Club comedy chain.

The Associated Press reports Judge Roger Wyand ruled in favor of Comic Enterprises, owner of The Glee Club, in February, saying there was a "likelihood of confusion" between the two brands.

Fox reportedly has plans to appeal the decision calling the ordered name change "unnecessary, unfair and disproportionate."

Wyand spoke out about the decision saying, "I find it hard to believe that the cost of the re-titling and publicizing of the new name would be so prohibitive compared to the value of the series. I was told many times during the course of the trial how this series is a 'blockbuster.'"

The judge admitted the Court of Appeal might take a different view and put the name change order on hold until appeal judges have been able to analyze the case.

Comic Enterprises is seeking damages and 20th Century Fox has been ordered to make an interim payment equivalent to $170,000.

Photo/Video credit: Fox