Unflattering Beyonce Super Bowl halftime show pictures: Just how bad are they?


Beyonce might have wowed fans at the Super Bowl with her halftime performance, but unfortunately for her, the pictures of the event couldn't seem to capture quite how impressive the show was. In fact, while scrolling through the photos taken by Getty Images, it almost seems like there were more bad shots taken of B than good ones.

Just how bad? Well, as seen above, they're pretty bad. Of course, as anyone who's watched Beyonce's performance knows, she totally killed it. The images probably wouldn't have been a big deal if her publicist hadn't contacted Buzzfeed and asked that they take them down for being "unflattering." That drove the public to be curious about said images, which you can see below:

beyonce-unflattering-2.jpg beyonce-unflattering-3.jpg beyonce-unflattering-4.jpg beyonce-unflattering-5.jpg beyonce-unflattering-6.jpg
beyonce-unflattering-7.jpg beyonce-unflattering-8.jpg beyonce-unflattering-9.jpg beyonce-unflattering-10.jpg beyonce-unflattering-11.jpg beyonce-unflattering-12.jpg

Here's the thing though; despite how funny Beyonce might look in some of these images, she's still a goddess in the music industry. Besides, do you really think she cares any of these images have been snapped and distributed? No, we don't think so either.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images