Unlike the Oscars nominations, Aisha Tyler wouldn't snub Tom Hanks

The Oscars may have snubbed Tom Hanks for "Captain Phillips" and "Saving Mr. Banks," but Aisha Tyler wouldn't do that. Hosting the 2014 Critics Choice Awards on Thursday (Jan. 16), Tyler gave the actor a supportive shout-out form the stage.

"I would never snub you, Tom Hanks," Tyler says in her opening monologue at the show. "No snubs, no scrubs."

Why did this even come up? A few moments earlier, Tyler had pointed out that she wouldn't be able to mention all of the nominees. Instead, she was going to focus only on those nominees that she would like to sleep with. Hanks wasn't Tyler's first mention, but he at least made the list.

If only the actor could say the same thing about the Academy Awards.

Tyler's love of Hanks returned later in the evening when she sat briefly at his table and admired the way he ate his yogurt. She was so enthralled that Tyler had to ask Rita Wilson, "Just that stare ... and that chewing. How do you live with him? It's like looking at the sun!"

Do you find Hanks' snub surprising?

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images