'Vampire Diaries' spinoff with Joseph Morgan and Phoebe Tonkin: What does this mean for Klaroline?

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phoebe-tonkin-joseph-morgan.jpg"The Vampire Diaries" executive producer Julie Plec is setting up for a possible spinoff! As EW first reported, the April 25 episode of "The Vampire Diaries" will establish some new characters and a new setting for a potential spin-off centered around Klaus ( Joseph Morgan) in New Orleans.

The episode, tentatively titled "The Originals," will see Klaus return to the French Quarter of New Orleans, which as we saw in the episode "We'll Always Have Bourbon Street," is essentially a supernatural hotbed. As we'll learn in this episode, Klaus helped found the city centuries ago, and he still has important ties to Louisiana. We'll meet Marcel, his former partner in death and destruction, described as his "diabolical protégé."

Also starring in the potential new show? The CW fave Phoebe Tonkin. Tonkin, of course, will reprise her role as Hayley, the werewolf who recently betrayed Tyler and sacrificed 12 hybrids -- many of whom were her friends -- in order to resurrect her dead parents. Hayley won't be sticking around Mystic Falls long, obviously. Suffice to say, we've only just scratched the surface of Hayley's personality (and damage) on the show thus far.

"Hayley is kind of a world traveler," Tonkin told us earlier this year. "She's an orphan and she lost her parents when she was very young. She's a girl who was raised with a lot of male influences, a lot of wolf influences. I like that she's kind of a free spirit. She's super tough, and independent."

The episode will serve as what industry types call a "backdoor pilot." If it's a success, The CW may pick it up for a full series to launch in the fall of 2013. ABC's long-running series "Private Practice," for example, began as an episode of "Grey's Anatomy" in which Addison (Kate Walsh) visited old friends in Los Angeles. "CSI: Miami" started off as an episode of "CSI."

Plec will executive produce the new show if it goes to series, along with Leslie Morgenstein and Gina Girolamo. Kevin Williamson will not be involved, as he's currently busy with his new FOX show, "The Following."

What do you think of the idea, "Vampire Diaries" fans? We love the potential for Morgan to get his own show, as sticking around Mystic Falls hasn't done Klaus's dark side any favors -- and we're thrilled at the possibility of more Tonkin time. That said, this show might be a bad omen for Klaroline fans -- Candice Accola wouldn't be joining the new series.
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